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I think that it’s really great that companies try to create products that are good for the environment, and it’s even greater that people are really demanding products like these. But when companies create fake products to fill a demand for something that’s important in conserving our shrinking natural planet, that pisses me off. People should be aware of what impact their products have on the environment. This is why for the action part of this essay, I’m proposing a government regulated level of damage that each product does to the environment that the consumer will be able to see on the product before they buy it. If you get to see the nutrition facts on every item of food that you buy, which didn’t used to be there until someone had an idea like this, then why shouldn’t you get to see how much damage each product you buy does to the environment. This could help us avoid buying things that damage important parts of the ecosystem like the rainforests and oceans. This has halfway already been implemented into things such as cars and appliances, but they’re only rated based on how that specific item damages the environment. You can sign the petition by either visiting the post, or by following the link below:

There’s no current law that shows how environmentally friendly a product is when it’s being created. Apple Inc. is a good example of this. Since 2008, Apple has taken a great leap to make computers and other products that are toxin and plastic free, and can be recycled. It’s received Energy Star awards from the EPA, and some of it’s products have earned the highest rating of EPEAT Gold (The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool). Their products might be very environmentally friendly, but last week they were ranked lowest by Greenpeace for data efficiency because of the opening of a new data center in North Carolina. “Apple has been ranked the “least green” technology company by the environmental group Greenpeace because of its reliance on coal to power many of its premises. A report, How Dirty is Your Data?, claims that the electricity used in the centers where Apple houses its servers is generated largely by burning the fossil fuel, and adds that a new facility soon to open in North Carolina will triple its electricity consumption. More than 60 per cent of the power for the new centre will come from coal.”  I think you should know stuff like this before buying any product. If there was a scale of how much damage something does to the environment that could be placed on every consumer product, I think it would really incentivize companies to be as green as possible, because I don’t think anyone would purposely buy something that’s more harmful to the environment then something that isn’t for the same price.


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